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Aqua Training Bag Fill Nozzle and Plug Kit AP50
Aqua Training Bag

Aqua Training Bag Fill Nozzle and Plug Kit


Fill Your Heavy Bag Right
The Aqua Training Bag Replacement Fill Kit is the only replacement kit for your Aqua Training Bag. It includes a hose filling nozzle and an extra plug. To make your Aqua Training Bag last longer, its crucial to fill it right. Though its mostly water, putting in air to keep it round will get rid of potential dimples and help it stand up to the force of your workouts. To do so, make sure your bag is room temperature (or warmer) so its not too stiff. Then, fill it with air before you fill with water. Once its filled with water, screw on the plug and top off with air using an inflation needle. REPLACEMENT FILL KIT FEATURES: HOSE FILLING NOZZLE ?The nozzle attaches to any standard garden hose to make filling your Aqua Training Bag easy. AQUA TRAINING BAG PLUG The plug is easy to screw and unscrew. All you need is a #2 Phillips head screw drive or even a coin. The plug also allows for an inflation needle so you can top off your bag with air. THE ONLY AUTHENTIC REPLACEMENT KIT This is the one and only replacement kit that fits your Aqua Training Bag. CONTROL YOUR FILL This kit helps you achieve the right fill for your bag. Whether you want round, full shape, or a bag with a little more give. All you need is a garden hose and inflation needle. MAKE YOUR BAG LAST To keep your Aqua Training Bag long-lasting and healthy, make sure to completely fill it with both water and air using the replacement kit. If you misplaced the original fill kit or need an extra, this is the only replacement fill kit that fits Aqua Training Bags.

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