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Century Martial Arts

Century Versys VS1 Fight Simulator Punch Bag


Why did we call the Versys VS.1 a revolutionary fight simulator? At first glance, you might think that its just another freestanding bag: cylindrical, weighted base but whats this? No stem? Handles at the top? More at the base? Whats going on?

Allow us to explain! The VS.1 might not look intimidating for something called a fight simulator, but it allows for more training methods than just about any other bag. Think of a move you might use in an MMA fight. There are punches and kicks, of course, but dont forget about elbow strikes and knees from the clinch! Also throws, takedowns, and ground and pound. You can do all of these things on the VS.1.

Youve already developed your power with a Wavemaster XXL or heavy hanging bag now youre focusing on speed and precision. Heres how a sample training session on the VS.1 would look: You start out in kicking range, throwing a few roundhouses, maybe a teep for good measure.
As you work around the bag, it rebounds and you track its movements as you would an opponents. When youve got it where you want it, you lunge in with an elbow. Now that youre in close range, your hands lock onto one of the handles at the top of the VS.1, simulating the muay thai clench, as you throw several knee strikes before slamming it to the ground and continuing to whale on it there.
You dont even need to be a martial artist to benefit from the bag the VS.1 can also be used in fitness workouts. Secure your feet in the lower straps for doing sit-ups, practice bag drags, and use it for standing rows.

The VS.1 is 66 tall, with a diameter of 13.75. It weighs approximately 110 lbs. (most of which is located in the pre-filled sandbag base). To assemble, all you have to do is zip the bag onto the base!

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