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Sky Blue/Pearl Opro Junior Gold Gen 4 Mouth Guard


What is the Opro Youth Mouthguard? 

The OPRO Gold Level Junior Mouthguard is a competition level mouth guard. It is the highest level of protection we offer in our Self-Fit range and is available in a range of colours for you to choose from. Each mouthguard is made with a dual layer of protection ensuring that the wearers teeth and gums are always protected. The junior gum shield also comes with added anti-microbial additive. This inhibits the growth of up to 99.99% of bacteria. This mouthguard is suitable of all ball, stick and combat sports. Its smaller design makes it perfect for children. All OPRO Self-Fit mouthguards including this one incorporates stretch zones that adapt to the contours of the wearers mouth. The mouthguard itself also has anti-microbial protection as standard in all Gold levels.

How do I store it? 

With each Gold Junior Mouthguard, you get an anti-microbial case. This makes for easy and safe storage. The anti-microbial case, like the mouthguard itself can help to fight against the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

What makes the fit so good? 

All OPRO mouthguards use ultra-flow gel that is unique to us. But what makes this so different? When dropped into boiling water, the fins soften so that when you mould t to your teeth, the fins will flow around your teeth and gums. All this ensure the fit and comfort of your gum shield. Alongside this, we also provide you with a fitting cradle. This helps you to not only position the mouth guard central in your mouth, but when removed after the fitting process, provides a minimum level of thickness. This ensures that the wearer always has a minimum level of protection to absorb shots, hits and blows.

Key Features

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