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White-Gold Opro Power Fit Bling Teeth Mouth Guard


WHATS THE PURPOSE OF A MOUTHGUARD? The function of a mouthguard is to protect the teeth and soft tissue from injury during all ball, stick and combat sports. The Power-Fit was developed following consumer research highlighting that the most important features wearers look for in a mouthguard are: Retention and fit
Ease of moulding
Ease of speech and breathing when the mouthguard is in place The Power-Fit provides the consumer with a solution to all of these needs and whats more, its available in an array of eye-catching designs making the Power-Fit a custom-like mouthguard obtainable through a few simple steps. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE POWER-FIT? The Power-Fit is a unique combination of the Power-Fit mouthguard with its patented fins and custom-made shell together with the patented Power-Cage. The cage consists of an outer and inner tray, which fit one inside the other, and it is into this tray system that the mouthguard is placed. As the wearer bites down onto the mouthguard, the Power-Cage compresses it onto the teeth resulting in a perfectly moulded mouthguard that fits snugly around the teeth and soft tissue providing the ultimate fit and retention. WHY IS THE POWER-CAGE SO GOOD? Moulding a Self-Fit mouthguard is not always simple you are handling a pliable, rubber-like material, which although when cooled is highly protective, is vulnerable in its softened state and this is where the Power-Cage comes into its own. Common problems when moulding a Self-Fit mouthguard involve aligning the mouthguard centrally in the mouth, difficulty in applying even pressure around the teeth and gums during the moulding process and not biting through the back of the mouthguard during fitting. Using the Power-Cage eliminates all of these issues by enabling the consumer to: Position the mouthguard accurately and centrally over the teeth during moulding
Transmit a more powerful biting force by using the Power-Cage, resulting in a highly retentive and tight fit, rather than pressing onto the mouthguard solely with their fingers
Achieve an even compression over the entire surface of the mouthguard for an extremely even fit
Avoid biting through the back of the mouthguard during fitting The Power-Fit delivers the future of mouthguards, today.


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